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Here's a sampling of the scarves I made in the recent past. Some are my own patterns, some are from patterns on the Net, and some don't really need patterns at all. I've tried to link to all of the patterns.

You can never have too many scarves

Knit Scarves

Simple Garter Stitch Scarves

Why waste time doing fancy stitches when using a yarn that won't show your hard work. All of the above scarves are done with various combinations of novelty/eyelasdh yarns on large needles. The number of stitches I cast on varies depending on how wide I want the scarf, and how much yarn I have. I just knit until I run out of yarn. This is a real no-thought-required project. I alsmot always have one of these type projects going.

Bias Knit Scarves

A bit more complicated than the first group of scarves, these scarves are still done using garter stitch with a regular increase on one end and decrease on the other. The middle scarf is done using a new self-striping yarn from Lionbrand, easy-peasy.
Here's my real simple Bias Scarf pattern.

Drop Stitch Scarves

I really love patterns that look complicated, but are really easy to do. And the elongated stitch really shows off the yarn. The scarf on the left was made using an exclusive yarn from Joann's. I really liked the color, and absolutely hated the yarn. It lloked old by the time I finished making the scarf!! The scarf on the right was made with Lionbrand Incredable - a much nicer yarn. I have some really nice LYS ribbon yarn, will be tryig the 'ggod stuff" soon.

Simple Beginner's Scarf from MarthaStewart.com

I found this scarf while looking for simple patterns that including the knit stitch and the purl stitch in the same row for my knitting class. This scarf pattern can be found at http://www.marthastewart.com/page.jhtml?type=content&id=channel172064&contentGroup=MSL&site=living I made mine out of Lionbrand Woolease, a wool acrylic blend that is nice and soft.

Lacy Knit Scarves

This is the first scarf I made as a sample of lace knitting. A very simple combination of YO's and K2tog's. I'm currently working on a version I like much better than this one and I will post it when I finsh the scarf.

Seaman's Scarf

I made up this pattern as a simple lace knitting project for my knitting class. I had seen pictures of seaman's scarves, but I hadn't bother to search out a pattern until after I made this one so my pattern is a bit different than most.
Here's the pattern for this scarf

Diagonal Short-Row Scarves

This is a really fun pattern that my font-pal, Betsy e-mailed me. My next version of this scarf will involve some color changes. If you've ever wanted to try short-rows, this is the project. http://douma.net/Karen/knitting/Accessory-Scarves/Multidirectional_Diagonal_Scarf.htm I would use the second option for the final section of the scarf if you like things symetrical. (Not that I'm obsessive-compulsive ar anything)

Crochet Scarves

Crochet Bias Scarf

Very similar to the knit bias scarvews above, this is a crochet version done in single crochet with a regular pattern of increasing and decreasing. One warning, Fun fur is not the easiest thing to crochet with!

Long-Stitch Scarves

I came up with the idea for these scarves while looking for a patterns that would show off a pretty ribbon yarn. Not finding anything I liked, I developed my own pattern using single crochets, chain stitches, and long stitches.

Ripple-Stitch Scarf with Curly-Q Fringe

This scarf is based on a pattern I saw in Hip to Crochet. I came up with a ripple stitch pattern to teach double crochet increases and decreases and thought that a scarf would be a nice change from a ripple stitch afghan. I used the book's idea of replacing fringer/tassels with curly-q's for something completely different.

Ruffle Scarf

I found this one on the web at the Knottie by Nature site - http://www.techchick.lunarpages.com/knottie/hobbies/patterns.php?pattern=spiral&display=1. It's a great example of creating texture by increasing, so I made up this sample for my crochet class. I loved the color of the eyelash yarn that I used for the edging, Foxy by Red Heart, but I fear that it was one of those special promotions that RH did for Wallyworld as I haven't been able to find it anymore locally. I really hate it when they do that!!

Single Crochet Scarves

Not really thrilled with either one of these. I made them up for examples of projects that could be done with just the single crochet stitch for my crochet class. I'm going to make another sideways version, but want to just sc in the back loop. I believe that will give the scarf more interest.

Fun-Fur Scarf

Here's another crochet class sample done using Lionbrand Homespun and Fun-Fur combined. Eyelash yarn on it's own is just NOT fun to crochet with!!

Long Scarf with Stout Fringe

This scarf is my version of the Vice Versa Scarves found at Crochet Me - http://www.crochetme.com/Feb_Mar_2005/patt_vice_versa.html I used a slightly larger hook and a bunch of Red Heart Super Saver that I had on hand. (I have way too much SS to use up!). I don't really like just cutting yarn and looping it over the edge to make fringe, so I used Stout Fringe from Priscilla Hewitt's web site. Too bad she doesn't seem to be designing any new crochet patterns. Her stuff is fantastic!!
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